Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blogs Threatening Businesses?

Geez, I never really thought of myself as a "threat". Unless, of course, you count against the status quo.

In his article, Defending Yourself Against The Blogs on, author Tim Parry talks about both monitoring and responding to blogs.

Almost every company has a policy covering what to do when traditional media call about an issue, Wagner says (John Wagner, owner of Houston-based public relations firm Wagner Communications - ed), but hardly any companies have a similar policy regarding blogs and other social media.
As time goes on, and companies are forced by their markets to examine this blog "phenomenon", those policies will develop. And counter-strategies will as well.
The people you choose to respond, Hahn says (Lisa Hahn, president of NJ-based public relations firm Caugherty Hahn Communications - ed), should not only have a deep knowledge about the company, but they should also have at least basic writing abilities and be able to edit and monitor their work to make sure they don't come across the wrong way.

“The reply can look spontaneous, but it has to be well thought out,” Hahn says. “Like a business e-mail, it should not be filled with typos, bad grammar, and poor punctuation. You still have to look at the fundamentals before getting star-struck with new technologies.”
All good points. It's nice to see more and more companies coming to the party. More on this later. In the meantime...


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