Thursday, May 04, 2006

Business Blog Ideas

I came across a short press release on that featured some business blog sites created by, a Mid-Atlantic Search Engine Marketing firm. They listed a couple of their client's blog addresses:

I have some thoughts.

First off, as you can tell, these are basic 'template' sites. Now, they're certainly better than static web pages, but I hope their clients don't get their hopes set too high. Here's why.

All they're doing is republishing their printed material. That's OK if you're just looking to up your search engine ranking by continually adding content. Fine. What you have is just an online version of your company brochure. That's fine too. But I think these businesses are leaving a lot on the table. I get no sense of a dialogue, which is one of the strengths of a blog. There doesn't seem to be a human touch, and therefore, it's not much different than a simple web page.

If these companies are looking to just get more people to find them on a Google search, then I suppose their money is well-spent. But if they were hoping to set themselves apart in their respective industries, they'll probably be let down.

Blogs are about content, not marketing material. There's a difference.


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