Friday, May 05, 2006

Group Blogging For Businesses

From launches Company/Corporate blogs' and RSS feeds for publicly traded companies.
(PRLEAP.COM) is a collection of individual blogs, each dedicated
to publicly traded companies.The website will allow journalists, web publishers, investors, investor relations, company personnel, corporate management, and the
public at large to effectively comment and share information that may be beneficial to the online community. As media channels continue to become more segmented, blogs represent a new and emerging opportunity for companies to pinpoint communications to key investors. Blogging provides a unique and highly effective platform to connect with key constituents and audiences. Blogs are frequently updated, journal-style web pages that contain Sec-Filings, News, Opinions, Links and Commentary, now blogs can be harnessed to reap the benefits of engaging in direct and meaningful dialogue with customers, and investors alike.

Group blogging. It's becoming all the rage these days. And why not - it's the 'economies of scale' in action.


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