Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Senior Executive Blogging Survey

I suppose you could see this as the glass half-full and half-empty!

From Here's the headline:

Fortune 1000 Senior Executives Slow to React to the Growing Credibility of Corporate Blogs, New Survey Concludes; Almost Half of Respondents Lack Corporate Blogging Policies, Although 77% Believe They Should Have Them.
"We have a snapshot of the beginning of a corporate activity and a medium which is set to grow rapidly and to become very important to corporations around the world," said Humphrey Taylor, Chairman of The Harris Poll(R), Harris Interactive. "Companies that do not recognize this trend and take action to capitalize on it will miss out on valuable opportunities and run the risk of being blindsided by unfavorable publicity."

This could be bad news for companies who are slow to realize both the risks and benefits of blogs. This could be good news for those of us in this growth segment of the knowledge economy!

Works for me!


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