Monday, April 24, 2006

Too Err Is Human...

...and easily and quickly correctable on a blog!

My thanks to Easton Ellsworth. He hosts a blog called He pointed out to me through a comment on my last post that the article I quoted from, was actually written for their May 2nd, 2005 edition, not 2006 like I thought. Apparantly my prescription is little weak. I'm grateful for Easton. And this is why I love blogs.

I presented incorrect information due to my own error. I was corrected within a day, and I was able to promptly reply with this post to correct my error. So, in the course of roughly 24 hours, I was able to respond to an issue, and bring it to a successful conclusion. To me, this is the essence of an "agile" business. It's also a perfect example of the value of a business blog. My error was corrected, and I got valuable feedback from a "consumer" of my efforts. I'm not dimished by this, I'm uplifted.

Yes, someone pointed out something "negative" about my business. Welcome to the real world. I was able to use that "negative" to become better at what I do. And now anyone in the world can see that I was able to take constructive criticism and and learn the value of blogs for businesses. Ain't life grand!

I really don't see a downside here. OK, maybe comment spam...


At 2:57 AM, Blogger Easton Ellsworth said...

No problem! It happens to us all every now and then. And we now have great tools like blogs and feeds and comments to help us communicate more easily.

Comment spam is no fun at all - I hate having to even glance at it as I delete it each day.

I like your positive thinking!


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