Thursday, February 02, 2006

Coming Back For Seconds

In case you missed the last post (or didn't have time to read the whole thing), let me just offer up another quick snippet from this great article on

A shift is taking place in corporate communications, one that promises to alter marketing strategies well into the future. Marketing has always been about balancing company interest with customer interest, but now it is becoming more about opening dialogue and building trust. Blogs, after having gained widespread notoriety during the 2004 presidential election, have moved beyond individual
ranting and into the corporate world, enhancing typical marketing techniques by allowing companies to talk to their customers directly--and by allowing companies to listen to what customers are saying.

Chris Kenton, senior vice president of the CMO Council and blog writer, says, "The whole game is changing. The traditional paradigm is that marketers are predators who line 100 ducks on a fence and hope they have enough marketing power to shoot down 1.5 of them. Smart companies are trying to take them off the fence and catalyze and cultivate a community with that group, inviting [community members] into a dialogue without being [intrusive]. One way to have access to the market is to build it around you. It's all about access, insight, and influence."

I continue to make the case that having a "ghostblogger" in charge of your blog content is a great, affordable way to present your company's story. They're close enough to the company to understand the message and the market, yet far enough away to be able to retain some necessary objectivity.

The future is here and it's within your company's grasp. Want to know how close?


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