Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sink Your Teeth Into This

Oooh, I just found an article I really like! Of course, the reason I like it is that it agrees with so much of what I already believe. Shallow, I know.

I found it on a website, The article is entitled, A New Marketing Medium. If you don't know what CRM is, I can't bring you up to speed here, but it's critical to business success. A lot of the focus of CRM is on technology or platforms to improve processes. My thinking is if your process are perfect, but your message is not, you're wasting a lot of hard earned money. Here's a sample:

Although many companies are starting to recognize corporate blogs as a new marketing medium, few are engaging in the practice. Less than 5 percent of the Fortune 1,000 is using blogs strategically, but that percentage will triple in the next two years, according to Ray Valdes, a Gartner analyst. He points out, however, that even companies that are using blogs are not necessarily using them efficiently at this point--although they recognize that blogs are a significant communication tool. A lack of knowledge and a fear of the risks and repercussions are stopping companies from developing a blogging policy.

Technology companies like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems have product developers, middle managers, and engineers blogging, Valdes says, "[but] the vast majority are still saying, 'What is this? My teenage daughter is doing this, but what are the risks?' It's like the early days of email. They see all the downside and no upside. You worry your employees will spill their guts, but at the same time you allow them to get on a plane and spill their guts to the guy next to them."

My honest pitch to businesses is to place appropriately skilled people in charge of the implementation of your company blog. Technical people understand the processes. Might I suggest a wordsmith or "storyteller" to tell your story and interact with the people who drive your business. Your customers.

Toot. Toot.

That was the sound of my horn.


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