Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Don't Feel So Bad Now

I try to keep on top of what the blogging community at-large is thinking and doing. I do a variety of searches to see who's saying what. What I've found is that a significant number of search results dealing with blogging or ghostblogging are, in internet years, prehistoric. Posts from as far back as early 2004 routinely show up on search first pages. Looking at some of those posts and blogs shows me that there are quite a few folks who have simply given up the ghost. If they've picked up another blog, then their focus has changed.

All that really does is reinforce my view that blogging for the long term is extremely difficult. Easy to start, but incredibly hard to sustain. Humans generally have short attention spans. Especially if there are no tangible results. Now imagine a business that doesn't see a real return on their investment. Can you say "bye, bye blog"?

With all the research on the number of blogs and trends, I'd love for someone to present some analytics that show just how many blogs are inactive, or infrequently posted to. I'm not going to hold my breath, though.

Blogging (or ghostblogging) for business can't afford to be short-sighted. Let's talk about that: ghostblogging@veritymedia.com.


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