Thursday, January 26, 2006

Targeting Your Message

One of the greatest things I like about blogging for my business is the ability to hone or target my communications to a person, company, industry, or event.

If I know I'm going to be calling on ABC Company in the Auto aftermarket industry, I could, say post information, thoughts, or research relating to them. I could do a series of posts. Then when I do contact them, I can refer them to my blog to show them my work. It's timely, specifically targeted to issues they may be having, and it shows answers (or at least hints at them) that I can provide. It's like a constantly updating resume.

Companies could do a pre-roll out of a product by initially raising questions on their blog that they know their market is asking, and then when the time is right, voila! the answers to all those questions are answered by their new product or service.

To me it's all about business agility. Corporate blogging or ghostblogging to me is like shooting fish in a rain barrel - provided you can commit the time and resources to do it right.

I can! My inbox is waiting:

Now, off to see ABC Company!


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