Friday, January 27, 2006

Fear Of The Unknown?

The 'blogosphere' is an amazing phenomenon.

I remember watching it from the sidelines years ago and thinking, "What's all the fuss?". I think most people are like that in the beginning. Then, it happens. Out of the blue, you come across a blog that hits your hot button. Maybe it's a favorite personality. Maybe an ideological viewpoint. Whatever. But life in front of the keyboard is never the same.

Some of it is scary. Some of it is degrading. Some of it is instantly forgettable. But some of it is just exactly what you need.

So wade through it, sometimes at your own peril, and find what you need. And while you're looking, just know that as a business person, someone who needs what you offer is treading water just looking for a lifeline.

Let's throw them a line. Together:


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