Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ghostblogging Fuels The "Credibility Machine"?

I came across this by Perry de Havilland on his blog, He talks about a lot of issues facing the "blogosphere", but these comments specifically got my attention.

Blogs are not crafted by a PR department but are written in conversational language and constantly link to sources for whatever they are discussing. It would be no exaggeration to say that a blog used that way is a ‘credibility machine’.

For companies who actually ‘get’ the Cluetrain Manifesto thing (even if they have never heard of it), they realise that if the internet means ‘the end of business as usual’, then it means the unlamented death of PR as usual. For those companies
which do not ‘get it’ and who just think blogs are ‘funny looking websites’, well I am sure they will never start blogging. And for companies who just like to jump on any bandwagon without really knowing why, I look forward to seeing them publicly impaling themselves on their shiny new blog once their PR and legal departments have got their hands on it and filled it up with turgid consultant-speak and gobbledygook. But done right, bloggers can indeed be the birds on the back of the big hippo of not just ‘big media’ but also business, big or otherwise.
The "credibility machine". I like it. I may have to ask Perry if I can use it repeatedly.

Use a blog correctly, and it can be one for your business too.


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