Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fear Of The Known?

It's true, I believe.

People, especially those who have a lot to lose - say, business owners - are generally a squeamish bunch. Trying new things is generally not in their genetic makeup. Trying something new if they have nothing to lose is one thing. Risking something established or valuable is generally avoided. Usually change is embraced only when it is forced on them.

The status quo is preferred. President Ronald Reagan once quipped, "Status quo is Latin for 'the mess we're in.'"

So what's the fear of the known? Well as it relates to the 'blogosphere', I think business types see that blogs are largely personal rants of a political or social nature. A way to hammer back at opposing individuals or ideologies. And they're right. But really, blogs of these kind are merely the loudest voices in the blogosphere. There is so much more.

The business community tends to see blogs through the lens of controversy. Unfortunately they short change themselves, their businesses and their employees.

When they begin to see blogging as a way to repeatedly reinforce their message, with a quick response capability, and web traffic enhancement, the voices of controversy will be overcome by the voices of commerce. I truly believe that.

So in one case it's true. People do fear the known. Just like people my age will always only see actor Max Baer as "Jethro" on The Beverly Hillbillies. But your business already has it's identity. Reinforcing it through an affordable, professional, creative blog makes superb business sense. I'll explain it in more detail:


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