Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Realities Of Blogging

The reality is: I/you can come and go as we please. There are plusses and minuses to that.

Plusses? Well one for sure is that your thoughts are always on display for people to look at. Plus, it's the ultimate in personal control. Look at me. I used this blog to promote my business to prospective clients. Then I couldn't handle any more and still provide excellent work, so I disappeared for a while. Probably not the best thing in the world, but hey, I'm back. And my clients are happy.

Minuses. People come to expect your input/feedback/updates/rants. Go away, and you let some of them down. Like I may have. My apologies.

But in the blogosphere, all's forgiven. Kind of.

So here I am. I've come in out of the downpour of clients to a more reasonable season. Just in time to start cleaning up my golf clubs...

I love blogging. That passion can be yours if you want: ghostblogging@veritymedia.com.


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