Friday, February 03, 2006

A Brave New World?

Trying to convince business leaders that blogging is the wave of the future is not easy. Never-the-less, I'm committed to doing it. And it will happen.

David Kline in his Blog Revolt blog makes the assertion:

The number of Fortune 500 companies with strategic public blogging initiatives, after all, is still quite small -- somewhere between 3-4%, depending on how you figure it.

Staff writer for, David A. Utter talks about more of these issues.

Beyond the issues cited by Kline et al, there's an even simpler reason why blogging probably won't happen at the executive levels, again tech companies like Sun and its president Jonathan Schwartz notwithstanding: writing every day is not easy.

Blogging isn't just typing a memo, because memos don't type back at their creators. Blogs do. They demand constant care and attention, and a nigh-continuous stream of new content. Believe it or not, writing is work, and blogging can be very hard work on top of an executive's duties.

Now, even though this is geared towards blogging by Executives, these points still hold much wisdom.

Again, I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but content is still the primary issue. Time and creative issues will be the biggest hurdles business bloggers will have to overcome. We can help you overcome them.


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