Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Affordability Of Blogs For Small Businesses

Wow, something every business can afford. Well, sort of.

From the money aspect, absolutely. When it comes to expenditure of time, that's another story. But it's still worth looking at. Scott Yaw writes on
A blog can be particularly beneficial to cash strapped small business. In many cases, cost prohibits small businesses from field research initiatives such as survey questionnaires and focus groups. In other cases, customers may be reluctant to give honest feedback to the small business. However, a blog may be the first time a small business gets an affordable opportunity to establish honest input from current customers and potential new customers they hope to serve.
So true. The honest challenge is: Do you really want to know what your customers are thinking? It's my belief that many businesses don't, and they go to elaborate ways to avoid facing that issue. Having to face the possibility that all your "brilliant" ideas are not working very well can be daunting.

Just some more food for thought.


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