Friday, September 16, 2005

Business Blogging That Reaches People

If you're more than just someone who uses a blog to vent, rant, or inflate your ego, your goal is communication. If you're brave it will be 2 way communication.

The best way to communicate is to be genuine. Now, for corporate types, who are always looking over your shoulder, being genuine is not a bad business strategy. It's not unlike what I try to teach my children. I am adamant about them not lying. It's bad on so many levels. But, in this day and age of terrible things happening to people, being truthful - or genuine - doesn't necessarily mean giving everyone access to every bit of information.

To appropriate people, give appropriate information. If someone is not "appropriate" then don't reveal inappropriate information. It's the same for business. Give appropriate information to those who have a vested interest in it. To those that don't, don't.

Being genuine won't torpedo your boat, it will set you apart from the crowd. It might be a challenge to have to tell someone to their face, or in a public forum that they aren't an "appropriate" person for certain information, but that's the price for genuineness. It's a price that will bring great returns in the vast majority of cases.

Now, if you're a Defense contractor, etc., maybe blogging isn't the best choice for you, but for most organizations, a case can be made for it. Let us make it to you.


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