Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hired Guns?

There is more and more talk swirling around the 'blogosphere' regarding ghost bloggers. And it's not pretty.

Here's a post and some comments from a blog written by Douglas Fisher called "Common Sense Journalism".

In noodling around tonight, I'm reminded that we should not get too teary-eyed and righteous about the "purity" of blogging.

That model probably will always exist in some corners of the Net. But now, as corporations discover the form, it's possible the "blog" you are reading (not this one) is produced by hired guns specifically to "seed" it and drive traffic to it. And of course, that's touched off lengthy thoughts on what paid blogging is worth. (By that writer's reckoning, $10 to $20 a post, with bonuses possible. (Of course this is $CAN, so the actual U.S. value may be lower...)

Wonder how long it will be before some "guest" blog on a media site is found
to be ghostwritten?

I've written before about what I think blogging needs to be. The "hired guns" mentioned in this writer's post are not what I envision as ghostbloggers. I believe that it will become increasingly easy to differentiate between 'real' blogs and mere ads for products and services. And the internet savvy will reject the blog "spam".

Just remember that when I talk about "ghostblogging" I'm talking about real communication to real people, not just "target markets".

By the way, If I'm hired by a company to blog for them, am I not then essentially (not technically, I know) an employee of the company and as such can speak as a representative of the company? Just a thought. ghostblogging@veritymedia.com.


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