Friday, September 02, 2005

To Blog Or Not To Blog

From a white paper put together by The Content Factor entitled, "To Blog Or Not To Blog":
Imagine if you could get closer to your markets. What if you could engage your customers and influencers in a discussion, or join a discussion they were having, about a problem your product or service resolves? Imagine if you could give a voice to your customers—who, in turn, give you important feedback about what delights or disturbs them. These are exactly the types of interactions taking place where blogs intersect with business.

With companies like IBM, Sun, Microsoft and Boeing blogging, you can bet that blogs are here to stay. How you decide to participate – if you decide to participate – is an important strategic decision that has implications both online and off.

Now, just because the "big boys" do it doesn't necessarily mean you should (or could), but because of the technological ease and minimal cost of starting a blog, it's really a no-brainer.

We're ready and willing to help you tell your story to the world. Both the virtual and the tangible.


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