Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

I love juxtaposing 19 and 21st century 'technologies'. Sorry.

Look at what this blog consultant is saying:

Weblogs (blogs) are quickly changing the face of business communications and 'public' relations. .... provides a number of technology and strategic planning services to help organizations effectively utilize blogs. Blog consulting services include:

Listening & Planning:
Assistance and training on the use of blog search tools along with RSS news readers to monitor current trends and issues within the blogosphere that are related to your organization. Identify the key blogs and bloggers within your industry. Develop contingency plans to deal with both positive and negative blog content regarding your organization.

Blog and RSS Technology Solutions:
Assistance with the selection of blogging platforms and related technologies. This includes RSS readers, monitoring tools, blogging software platforms such as TypePad, Moveable Type, Wordpress, etc.

Services include: software selection, installation, configuration, integration with existing web sites/branding and training on effectively utilizing the software.
... also provides consulting on the integration of RSS into existing applications and web solutions, such as press release distribution tools and online forums.

Blog Promotion:
Developing effective strategies to publicize your blog and gain RSS feed subscribers. ... also works with public relations and marketing firms to integrate your blog with existing campaigns and promotions, or to create new initiatives. An added benefit to an effective blog is increased Google Page Rank.

Blog Metrics:
Establishing tools and software to measure visitation, click-thrus and readership of blogs and RSS feeds. Review and analysis of blog and RSS statistics to measure blog effectiveness.


Sort of. But I'm wondering where the emphasis is on content. It doesn't matter what the content is, it just has to be there ALL THE TIME! Without it, it's like panning for gold, but forgetting to keep the sluce filled with water.

All the technology in the world will be useless, and a colossal waste of money, if you don't have the content to keep people coming back.

I'd be willing to bet that I could do more with a simple free blog and 4 posts a day than you could with all the latest technology and 2 posts a week.

Wanna' wager a steak on it? ghostblogging@veritymedia.com.


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