Monday, September 12, 2005

CEO Blogs - Is That All There Is?

As a part of my research to see what my "market" is up to, I'm finding a tremendous amount of information dealing with 'Executive Blogging'. A CEO starts a blog on the company site and...well, acts like a CEO on a blog, I guess. But blogging for a business means more to me.

Many of the CEO blogs are IT related. Software or technology companies that seem to want to be able to be the first on the block with the latest tech "gossip". Well, software and technology companies are not the only types of businesses out there. In fact, they're a very small (but vocal) part of the business world.

I look at blogging in a number of very simple ways. Tony Dowler captures the essence pretty well on his blog. Again, he's focusing on CEO's, which I think is limiting, but the points are still well taken.
  • A blog builds credibility - if you do it well!
  • A blog shows you're an expert - it you're not though...
  • A blog demonstrates you'll talk honestly about your business - and why wouldn't you?
  • A blog builds recognition for your name - your company's name?
  • A blog is a great way to deliver information
  • A blog is responsive
  • Blogs are excellent value added marketing
  • Blogs give you the opportunity to provide a customer with useful information, and let them know that there's more where that came from
  • A blog builds a body of writing
  • A blog gives you a chance to say something and say it well in a place where others can appreciate it
One of the very simple ways I use this blog is that as I'm trolling for work, I just send people to this site and let them look at what I'm doing. It's better than a resume because it's always changing and growing. It's not a static web page, or a boring list of my "accomplishments". It's almost a "living" document. So far I'm very happy with the results. I only expect more.

Now, it's your chance to jump on the bandwagon with our help.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Tony said...

Thanks for the link! I still don't see many CEO's blogging, but I think we will see more executives blogging, at least.


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