Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blogging As "Thought Leadership"

More thoughts on why blogs are different, and why you should do one. The whole article can be found here:

A......benefit of publishing a weblog is its proliferation into the databases of Google. Every weblog headline you write is an entry to be searched and found by a potential client. Google and other search engines like continually changing content and that is a primary element of a weblog. Apart from Google, weblog entries permeate themselves into a vast collection of weblog-specific databases and that, along with frequent linking to and from other........related weblogs, can propel your (organization's) presence to the forefront of many a search engine inquiry.

The specific post on this site was talking about ad agencies starting blogs, but there are some well-made points here that are important. Actually, everything I post here is important, but I digress...
If you do choose to start a weblog, keep in mind the tone needs to be vastly different than your corporate site. The corporate site is your glossy brochure. The weblog is the demonstration of the smarts that walk the hallways of your (organization) - spoken in a conversational, human tone. Unlike press release quotes that are clearly not spoken by an actual human, a weblog must carry the human aspect of the agency. It's akin to an insider's wink that says, "We know you know we have to say those corporate things on our corporate website but we also know you know we are regular people who enjoy tearing down corporate blather as much as you do."
Exactly. Blogs are the "casual Friday" of business marketing. But they need to be managed by someone who can give them the attention they need to be a vital part of your organization's communication efforts.

That's where we come in. Let us show you.


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