Monday, February 13, 2006

The Simple Truth About Corporate Blogging

I came across this article on by By Diane Kuehn, President and CEO of VisionPoint Marketing. The entire article is worth reading, but her last paragraph is a great summation:
The most compelling reason to have a corporate blog is to establish direct communications with your customers, building trust and respect that cannot be faked. Tackle your blog openly, honestly and ethically. The truth can sometimes hurt in the short run, but hardly ever in the long run. Blogging is here to stay and smart corporations are taking advantage of this new medium.

And if I might add, really smart corporations are hiring blogging consultants to oversee their online content and their blogging strategy. I mean, you hire an agency to oversee your marketing efforts, while still maintaining ultimate control. It's much the same with your blog. Do what you do best, and let the blogging experts do what they do best. You'll win in the long run.

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