Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Corporate Blogging Adds Another Auto Maker

Add another business to the blogosphere.
The 2TalkAbout site will provide a trusted community-based environment for users with similar interests and tastes to share unbiased information. Honda is the first major brand to commit to the project.

Visitors to 2TalkAbout can publish their views, respond to what other people are saying on the community and gain unbiased opinion and information about particular products and services.The Honda-sponsored site (www.2TalkAbout.com/honda) is aimed at anyone with an interest in Honda cars - particularly the new Civic. Although the content will be completely independent from Honda, engineers will regularly log-on to contribute and respond to feedback, providing users with direct access to the brand.

"We like people talking about our cars," says John Goodbody, Website Manager at Honda (UK). "And now there's a blog site where you can discuss your Honda experiences with others or get a useful insight into Honda ownership. We encourage our customers to interact, and this is a great medium for doing just that."
If public companies, who are as "risk adverse" as they come, are boldly embracing the new media of blogging, why not you? The sooner you do, the sooner you can see the benefits of business blogging.



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