Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Internal Corporate Blogs Are The First Step

There may not be very many corporate blogs, but businesses are beginning to see the value of blogging platforms. Some are even replacing their intranets with blogs. They're cheaper and easier to maintain.

Here's a snippet from an article by Stephen Baker on titled "The Inside Story on Company Blogs":
The first corporate blogger at McDonald's was Chief Operating Officer Michael Roberts, who launched his internal blog last fall. He used it to spread information through the company's global operations and receive feedback. Now, according to Weick, McDonald's is distributing blog access to thousands of employees, who will use them to report on operations at restaurants worldwide.

The question at McDonald's and Cannondale is whether they'll extend blogs outside the company, to their customers. Already, newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle are building communities of bloggers, which provide new sources of
information -- and new advertising platforms.

Robin Hopper, CEO of iUpload, the Toronto-based outfit that hosts the McDonald's and Cannondale blogs, predicts that growing numbers of companies will distribute blogs in an effort to build social networks around their brands and products. "It's a whole new way to market," he says. "People willingly provide all sorts of demographic information on blogs." Companies can then use that to target them with customized services and advertisements.

So, the corporate community is sticking their toes in the water. That means they're thinking out it. You still have time to get ahead of the game.


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