Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Upside To Business Blogging

Sorry I'm a little slow out of the blocks (wait, that's the Summer Olympics), but I missed what Forbes Magazine had to say about businesses and blogging a couple of weeks ago. Here's a sample of what Tom Taulli wrote:
According to Dan Burstein, the author of BLOG! and a venture capitalist at Millennium Technology Ventures, there are more than 50 million blogs worldwide.
"Blogs are a concrete new form of media and communications, as well as a new
business opportunity," said Burstein.

"Over the next few years, businesses will figure out how to use blogs to develop whole new relationships between businesses and their customers and partners."

Just what works best for your business might keep you up at night, but in the end it will be worth it. Here's one way:

Influential bloggers tend to specialize on narrow topics. To get their attention, you need to provide them with stories that have not already hit the mainstream media. This has been a big part of the success for the Sunbelt Blog. The blogger, Alex Eckelberry, is the president of Sunbelt Software, a provider of antispyware, antispam and security software. No doubt this is a crowded market, and Eckelberry wanted to find ways to give his firm more visibility.

So he set up a blog on security. It was not a means to promote his products. Rather, he wanted to provide useful information for the security community. He broke several major industry stories, including a massive identity-theft ring and a critical WMF Windows error that has since been fixed by Microsoft.

OK, so the liklihood that Bill Gates will send you a Christmas Card is probably slim, the fact is you can drive the conversation about your business. It doesn't really matter if your customers are spread all over the planet, or neatly arranged in small communities.

Ride the wave, don't be pushed around by it.


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