Monday, February 20, 2006

Business Blogging and WOMM

In an article on, Leah Woolford, CEO of talks about word-of-mouth-marketing. How'd you like to help shape what people say about your company?

For the past couple of years, marketers have embraced hot topics such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or eCRM-- how to best manage customer
relationships through marketing. Today and tomorrow, however, the number one topic of conversation will prove to be word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM),
especially as it gains traction across all demographics, extends reach and response across audiences and develops into one of the most effective ways to build brand equity online. As marketers become more educated on how emerging channels can support their consumer -- or even corporate-facing -- strategies, we will begin to see how sometimes going “beyond the browser” will deliver the greatest marketing or advertising results.

The power of blogs and bloggers

Take blogs (Weblogs) for example. A big debate is currently underway regarding the usefulness of blogs as advertising vehicles. I believe that they are a very important channel through which to reach our audience and one of the primary new ways we can effectively communicate brand messages in a genuine way to very specific groups of people who have hundreds of online acquaintances with those same specific interests.

Understand this: If the 'blogosphere' thinks you're just spinning them by trying to co-opt their beloved new communication medium, they'll turn on you. If they feel like you're honestly trying to engage them in a conversation about your product or services, you'll at least earn their respect. Even if that doesn't directly result in sales, it beats the alternative.



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