Monday, August 15, 2005

Size Doesn't Matter...

...not really anyway. Any company will benefit from blogging, but small companies may have an advantage. From Red Nova News:

"It's kind of like when the printing press was invented," (said blog consultant Josh)Hallett, before leading a session on business blogs for a Palm Beach County public relations trade group. "With blogs, anyone can quickly publish content."

The ease of use may be attractive, but companies can benefit from blogs in other ways, Hallett said. For example, if companies are being discussed -- or, perhaps, disrespected -- by their customers online, a blog can provide a way for businesses to be part of that conversation because the blog lets businesses communicate directly with customers, and helps businesses get their message out.

Another benefit: higher Internet exposure for your company. Internet search engines like Google favor sites with frequently updated content, and many blogs update at least once a day, if not more. "If you blog on a regular basis, you will generate a lot of content, which could then be indexed by the search engines," said John Cass, director of Internet marketing strategies for Backbone Media.

He thinks small businesses in particular can benefit from a blog. Business blogs provide a venue for companies to interact online with their customers and respond to their needs -- something that many small businesses do offline, Cass said. "Most small businesses ... spend a lot of time on providing customer service to their customers," he said. "It's a strategic advantage that they have."

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