Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Search Engine Optimization

It's a fancy phrase the simply means your website will be one the the first (usually top 10, since that's usually how many search results are on each page) sites that come up when searching for "key words" that relate to your business. The ultimate goal is to show up on first-page search engine results.

As I was doing some searching on SEO 'experts', I was still amazed that blogging is not mentioned more. I see lots of 'consultants' talk about making websites more content rich, especially with your 'key words', but I just looked at the blog of an industry leader who hammers that point and was amazed. She posted to her blog less than once a month! Either she doesn't really care about the blog, because it's not really critical to her business, or she's just too busy, in which case I suggest just dropping it, because it's basically useless.

Here's an easy way to reinforce your "key words": Post to you blog daily and use your keywords a couple of times in each post. Voila, a content-rich website with greater SEO.

It's really just common sense.

Ghost blogging, ghost blogging, ghost blogging.


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