Friday, March 31, 2006

Blogs Build Business Trust

The doors swings ever wider for businesses that enter the blogosphere.

This is from an article on It references a survey done by Edelman, the largest PR firm on the planet. It quotes Mike Seymour, International Director of Crisis and Issues Management. Now the article says that CEO's are trusted less than ever. I know, I know, how is that good news, you say. If you and your company set yourselves apart from the pack, the path is clear in front of you.
Trust, Edelman says, is a tangible asset, much like real estate and capital. It begins with quality, but can also be affected by the way a company responds to the financial market, the way it treats its employees, the environment and other issues.

Mistrust, or lost trust, is expensive. If someone doesn’t trust you, the survey reveals, not only are they not going to buy from you, they’re also going to tell their friends, colleagues and neighbors not to buy from you either. And they will tell them in real time, and over the Internet, where millions of other users can access their opinions.The smart thing for companies and institutions to do, Seymour recommended, is to survey their operational landscape, determine who their key stakeholders are, and utilize the new trusted channels of information to talk to them quickly, honestly and constantly.

That last sentence is a great description of what a real corporate blog can and should do.
“Google journalism, citizen journalism, Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards, e-mail correspondence, the blogosphere, the company Web site – these are critical interfaces where perceptions are created and debated,” Seymour said. “All of it needs to be updated and attuned to project the same image.”

Apparantly, most of our mothers were right. It does pay to be honest and worthy of trust.


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