Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Business PR Strategies And Blogging

They're coming.

Marketers and PR gurus are gunning for you. Blogs are on the radar. And that's both good and bad.

Here are some bullet points from an article by Heidi Cohen on, an online marketing service for Marketers. It's titled: More Than a Press Release: Extending Your Online PR Efforts.
  • Create a hook consumers, bloggers, and the media will find interesting. Focus your pitch on the story or consumer benefits, not on your company. Survey results are always a favorite for garnering press attention. For example, Unilever's Campaign for Real Beauty research finds only 2 percent of women thought they were beautiful, which generated lots of press and buzz. Also, being the first in your category to do something different or adapt a new technology is a time-proven approach.
  • Use a blog to engage users in a dialogue or a podcast to provide useful or entertaining content.
  • Monitor blogs for company mentions. This can be augmented by using a third-party monitoring service, such as Nielsen BuzzMetrics and Cymfony, which track a wide range of consumer-generated media sources. They can be very useful for brand and reputation monitoring.
The good news is that the power of the blogosphere is both recognized and to be reckoned with. The bad news is that it's about to be co-opted (to what degree is yet to be seen) by the 'pitchmeisters'. In some ways the purity of this new media is about to be compromised. That was inevitable. Luckily, because of the nature of this new media, imposters and the insincere will be pretty easy to distinguish and discredit. Actually, they'll end up discrediting themselves.

So, essentially we've now entered our adolescence as a media. Our childish naivete must now give way to young adulthood.

Get ready for the teen years. Minus the acne medication!


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