Sunday, August 07, 2005

Don't Do What I'm Saying...

...if you're not willing to do what I'm doing.

Author, blogger (he has 3 of them!) and entrepreneur
Dave Taylor says that there are some businesses that shouldn't blog.

Imagine two (pick a business). One says "I take care of .... There's lots of medical info on ..... out here, so my Web site will be a digital brochure, and that's good enough for me" while the other says "I get the same questions from every (client), and there's so much confusing information nline, I'm going to try and shed some light on (pick an industry) by writing about it. But ot with a newsletter, how 90s!, but with a blog."

Now, a slight aside: I believe that the future of business is
findability, and if your business doesn't appear when your potential customer looks for you online, you'll eventually wither and die. Given that, you can guess which (business owner) I think is going to be more successful in 24 months.

Let's be frank, though. The first (entrepreneur) above should not blog. They aren't going to be engaged, interesting, or informative, and they'll find that the exercise of setting up a weblog and having a blank "input box" staring at them each morning will be more than they can handle, and they won't stick to it and work on their blog for at least six months before they ask "am I getting results?" Better for them not to start at all.
Amen to that. Now, if you could only find an experienced blogger who would be in charge of putting regular content on your site in your company "voice", so you didn't have to do it all....


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