Wednesday, March 08, 2006

IT Trends, Research and Blogs

I was intrigued by an article I found on It was written by their Research Director, Jim Murphy, and the reason I like it is that it comes from the perspective of a researcher. I think if you read his research you'll understand why I'm such a blog evangelist.
Innovation and typical enterprise systems are at odds. Innovation requires thinking out of the box, and nothing seems quite as boxy as today's structured, codified IT systems. Enterprise applications like ERP and CRM tend to impose structure on information to automate processes. But innovation requires that actual human beings work together to share and develop new ideas.
And "actual human beings" are the linchpins of the blogosphere. Real people interacting in an online environment.

To survive and thrive in a drastically changing world, businesses must build environments that foster innovation. With pressure to globalize, they must collaborate more actively with partners and employ more distributed and diverse workforces all while ensuring compliance - and now more comprehensively than ever before. This requires breaking down the organizational and information silos that companies have erected between systems, processes, people, and - with companies now looking externally for sources of innovation - entire organizations.

Information and collaboration. That's a pretty good definition of the blogosphere. Businesses that begin to harness the power found outside the "typical enterprise systems" will soon find themselves as leaders in the knowledge economy.

Like to take the lead position?


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